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POLINI E-P3+ MOTOR IS BORN and T.W.O. Distribution is the Certified Service Point in Switzerland

Polini Motori revolutionizes the concept of pedal-assist and presents the new Polini E-P3+ motor for e-bikes An innovative and last generation motor, with the “+” sign (PLUS) to underline the novelties and the important step forward thanks to the never-ending analysis, the study and commitment in designing it, always looking for better performance. Light, powerful and compact, Polini E-P3+ motor features a very reduced volume and it exploit a 75Nm torque in the E-P3+ (ROAD) and 90 Nm in the MX model (for MTB) for the most demanding users. 

The big advantage compared to other e-bike engines is that this unit can be inspected and repaired not only from the factory, but from Certified Service Points, with spares parts of easy availability. Other engines from competitors cannot be touched and if something happens time to get it fixed or replaced can be the cause of customer poor satisfaction and consequently cause customer churn.

T.W.O. Distribution is the Certified Service Point in Switzerland.

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