Parkpre STEEL01


Steel01 is the gravel model in steel 01 completely designed, built, painted and assembled in Tuscany at PARKPRE. The round section pipes and the conical headset give the best technical performance. The tig-welded main triangle combined with the brazed rear triangle give the frame reactivity and absorption during pedaling. The left dropout with eccentric axle insertion was created to improve the frame/wheel coupling during the tightening phase. Steel01 is designed for both double and single cranksets and with the passage of the sheath inside the oblique tube through a special brass channel, it allows for optimal water drainage and does not create humidity inside the tubes. Prepared for both rear and front luggage racks. Steel01 is a frame designed for accidental and inaccessible terrains as it cushions bumps also thanks to the geometries designed for this type of discipline. The Steel01 is a fully customizable frame in SIZE, COMPONENTS and COLOR.